Milk Processor Education Program — “Got Milk?”

1. 26.2 — Every Woman Sponsored
2. Twitchcon


Milk PEP set out to sponsor every woman running the marathon in New York City. 

The campaign name 26.2 is the distance of a marathon, in miles. For every woman that joined #TeamMilk, Milk PEP matched their registration fee in a donation to Girls on the Run. Milk PEP started with unmissable invitations, targeted running routes, and leveraged key influencers. In the end, 3,543 women joined #TeamMilk and raised $600,000 for the next generation of runners.


As the Official Performance Drink of Gamers, Milk is in position to reinforce its nutritional benefits as it relates to modern teens of today. 

Over the course of the three day event, gamers competed to be crowned the fastest gamer at TwitchCon - an acknowledgement that earned them a custom milk-themed trophy designed by Twitch Streamer and Partner, Christopher “cnotbusch” Notbusch.

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